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International Indian Masters Goodwill Soccer Festival

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

The International Indian Masters Goodwill Soccer Festival is an annual football event whereby yesteryear footballers of Indian origin come together for the camaraderie and brotherhood shared among them. The main objective of the festival is to bring together Indian-origin people from different nations to a platform where everyone can build their network and at the same time a sense of brotherhood is established among all members.

The festival started off with a few friendly matches between Selangor Indian Sports Council - SISC (Malaysia) and Chennai Veterans. SISC invited Chennai Veterans to play a series of friendly matches in Malaysia and Singapore. The friendly matches formed a great fellowship between Malaysia, India, and Singapore.

In 2006, Mr. M. Subramaniam from SISC proposed an annual football festival to be organized with participating teams from countries such as Malaysia, India, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. The proposal was well accepted by all participating countries and the festival was held in Chennai, India.

In 2007, Malaysia took the responsibility of being the host and Mr. Maniam invited additional 2 teams to be a part of this festival namely Indonesia and Mauritius.

The event has become an annual affair whereby the participating countries will take turns to host the event. South Africa joined the event in 2013 and the following year UAE joined.

Our festival spread our wings to the European continent when Italy joined in 2016 and followed by England in 2017.

The festival was not organized in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid19 pandemic affecting most countries globally. We hope to get back on the field by 2022 to kickstart again our wonderful festival and meet all our friends from all over the world

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